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An Author Website: What Every Writer Needs

You know you need a website.

It’s the essential tool to help your ideal readers find you and fall in love with your work.

But what you don’t need is something expensive or fancy or even excessively customized.

You need a site that will convey your genre and your personality without breaking the bank.

You need a site that will help your readers connect with you—by signing up for your newsletter or finding you on social media—without having them get lost in the weeds.

And you need a site that will showcase your best work (even your work in progress) so that visitors can tell that the books you write are the books for them.

And none of that has to take months to build or demand teams of designers. By starting from a rock-solid foundation and modifying its look to match your brand, we can usually have a new site live for you in two weeks, top to bottom.

A Professional Author Website Made Affordable

Being a successful writer is tough work.

Like heroes of legend, we accomplish impossible feats every day. Safeguarding precious time to work our craft, smashing through virtual walls of creative block, and leaping over looming mountains of self-doubt, just to name a few.

Thankfully, those things can be solved with dedication, talent, moral support from others, and a healthy dose of boot-strapping hard work.

Other crucial challenges facing successful authors―getting published and attracting an audience―can be more daunting because they require more than sturdy boot laces. Building websites require digital know-how; a skill most authors don’t have.

The successful author must have a virtual platform. And that includes a professional website.

The bad news is that a custom site can cost $5,000 to $10,000. Let’s face it. That’s far beyond the budget of most authors. The good news is that such a site is overkill for most authors, and a simpler solution is available.

By using the same layout as my fictional author, Tabitha Margot, you can have a fantastic website starting at $2,500. Of course, we get to have fun changing the content (images, words, colors, etc.) to your own. But that’s it. No mystery around pricing or surprise hourly charges.

If you’re interested in learning more about how this works, drop me a line so we can decide if this is the right approach for you.

Everyone has a story. Let’s tell yours.

Drop me a line.

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Not like a sales call. Like a work session.

You’ll have questions; I will too. Just imagine that we’re scooting the coffee cups aside on our big work table and rolling up our sleeves to get busy on the topics you have questions about today.

Glenn J. Miller

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