I write detective novels.

If you like your private eyes the way you like your eggs – hard boiled – then you’ve come to the right place.

The Maltese Owl

Bruno Dempsey has this simple, low-profile case all figured out…along with that insufferable woman. The sooner he can walk away, the better. Good riddance to bad rubbish. 

Eager to move on, even he gets surprised when he’s pulled back in. Fighting for his life, and unexpectedly, hers, he gropes his way down a murky trail of blood and family secrets that will rewrite New Orleans history.

The Maltese Hawk

She comes from an old-line family, the celebrated maven of New Orleans’ jazz scene. She is also desperate. Feeling trapped, and with nowhere else to turn, she begs Bruno Dempsey to help her.

What a laugh. Sure, he could help her by taking the case. But he knows better than to get anywhere near that black widow. That is, until he finds himself hopelessly tangled in a web of lies as big and complex as the South’s most interesting city.

The Maltese Eagle

It’s no secret that the mob floats the riverboat casino business. So when the Delta Queen is robbed, it’s a sure bet that a rival crime family is behind it. To everyone, from the New Orleans police to any schlock detective in town, that means stay away.

Then a pair of star-crossed lovers roll into in Bruno Dempsey’s office looking for a way to protect a revered family name and the grand city herself from their colossal streak of bad luck.


Best Selling Author

Tabitha Margot

Margot employs her training as a former FBI agent to ply her trade as a leading private detective in The Big Easy, her native city. Years ago, she lost her father to those streets. His disappearance remains unsolved. She knows how mystery and loss can haunt one’s soul, and it drives her to help others and to chronicle stories of the untold.

This perspective grants her fresh literary voice a depth of experience beyond her years as she explores the fascinating life of Bruno Dempsey, a New Orleans detective who helps others find justice and restore their faith even as he grapples with his own cynicism and despair.


Margot transcends the standards of noir with this original and eminently authentic first novel.

– New York Herald


She knows crime, cops, criminals and the steamy history of New Orleans…Plan ahead before you read The Maltese Hawk…Once you start, you won’t be able to stop.

– Local Tribune


Bestseller-in-the-making, Margot delivers one of her most intricate plots in The Maltese Eagle, her third book.

– Central Post

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