I share my experience.

I’m Not Afraid of the Dark

Are you brave enough to follow characters as they cross the line into darkness? Don’t back away. It’s supposed to be scary. Learn how I embrace the shadows.

Set in the City

There’s something about cities that bring out the worst in people. That’s a fine thing for a cynic who earns her living by finding out their secrets. Too bad for those poor saps that I’m good at my job.

The Cipher

Puzzles are fun until they’re not. That’s when a unique perspective comes in handy. Good thing I’m a little crazy that way.

Tempus Fugit

Sleep is for amateurs. There’s never enough time to do what needs doing during respectable hours. Besides, the most interesting things can be learned only after midnight.

Eye Spy

Spotting things others miss is how I make a living. Thing is, I rarely like what I see.

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